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Cool Noise Plugs

Noise Plugs
"Variphone" - by Ear-O-Tec
Noise Plugs

Australia is a hot, dusty and sweaty place - especially on mine and construction sites in the far north. Protective head gear is uncomfortable enough without tight, hot, sweaty ear muffs. Or worse, poorly fitting and dirty, foam ear plugs that have to be repeatedly replaced. Not any more: Hearing Biz are agents for Ear-O-Tec premium, individually, custom moulded hearing protection ear plugs. These plugs can be comfortably worn all day, are washable and will last for years. They are fit-tested to an exact measurable (and variable) level of protection.

Check out the full range of products here: and then book your appointment to have your individual impressions made and your plugs ordered. Delivery is usually within two weeks with fit-testing done on the spot to ensure an absolutely accurate and comfortable fit.

PRECAUTION : See your GP before your first appointment to have all wax removed from your ears to ensure a perfect impression can be taken.