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Shocking Facts

Shocking Facts

The good news is: YES! Today's technology is better than it has ever been. Hearing aids are getting increasingly smaller and smarter. Wireless links to phones and TV's are now common place in most manufacturers product portfolios and moisture-proofing and dust-proofing is increasingly becoming standardised across models. Some models also have re-chargeable battery options so you don't have to worry about your hearing aids going dead when you are out somewhere. And the best news? - In many models, it is difficult to even see them..... And the best news? Hearing Biz will give you a free trial!



The bad news is:

  • Water-proofing and dust-proofing isn't available yet in custom moulded all-in-the-ear styles, only in behind-the-ear styles.
  • Wireless technology is only available in some models and styles.
  • No one has yet invented a fool-proof wax protection system - all hearing aids still have to be inspected and cleaned daily to avoid blockage by ear wax.
  • Manufacturers warranties only cover component malfunction, not loss or damage - unless you pay extra - and most only cover replacement once. It is therefore very important you insure your new hearing aids against loss or damage.

If you are looking for a cheaper hearing aid bargain on the internet, tread with extreme caution! - It can be very ugly afterwards when you discover that the aids need more programming. Hearing aids are not over-the-counter items that work perfectly for anyone. Would you really buy your false teeth or glasses on the internet? Hearing aids are highly complex micro-computer systems that have to be individually programmed by a professional AND because he / she can't get inside your head and listen to the aids' output, scientific formulas have to be used, PLUS your feedback - so how can you give feedback when the professional isn't even there with you ? Don't be fooled by ultra-cheap “bargains”. At Hearing Biz you will be treated by caring professionals who understand hearing loss and expect to see you several times to ensure smooth adaptation occurs and your aids don't end up in the bedside table drawer.