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Ross Brennan
Classic car dealer gets his hearing (and life) back

Hi my name is Ross Brennan from Ross Brennan Motor Co. in Mandurah. I have suffered from hearing loss for a very long time. It finally became really embarrassing having to keep asking people to repeat themselves, or my wife constantly telling me to turn the TV down. I eventually went and had some hearing tests done by another company and was told I was 50% deaf. But I still didn’t do anything about it, until I eventually saw the advertisement for Hearing Biz in the local newspaper. I was attracted by the offer of a free hearing test and best of all, a free trial without any obligation. So I went ahead with the trial of the wireless hearing aids they recommended, which were only mid-range so they were very affordable. Well I can tell you what a difference it has made to my life! Now my wife is telling me to turn the TV up instead of down, and I can now hear my customers as clear as a bell. So if you are experiencing the same difficulties I was, I thoroughly recommend you contact the people at Hearing Biz. They will make a huge difference to your hearing and wellbeing."